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High Gorgeous!

A New Line of infused beauty products will have everyone saying, "High Gorgeous!"... The creators of Yummi Karma have formulated products specifically with women in mind. We are providing a full line of topical essentials that will give you both pain relief and the confidence to be your best self! 

High Gorgeous will be your new favorite beauty & pain secret!

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LIFTED – This daytime pick-me-up with natural caffeine from green tea and other extracts will relieve you of aches will give you that much needed pep in your step!
DRIFT AWAY – Can't sleep? Now you canna! Our sleep aid has a relaxing and calming effect that will relieve tension from sore muscles with cannabis, melatonin and other natural herbs.
MOOD MAGIC – This is for you know, that time of the month. A tincture that combines cannabis with herbs in order to promote uterine health, mood elevation, and all the symptoms that comes from Aunt Flo.
LOVE POTION #420 – A tincture that will put a spell on you! By utilizing natural aphrodisiacs and cannabis, Love Potion #420 promotes anti-anxiety and relaxation to help you get in the mood.
1:1 – The 1:1 tincture contains equal parts cannabis and industrial hemp CBD. Both properties aid in pain relief as well as naturally containing anti-inflammatory, calming and healing agents. Caution, you will absolutely feel the effects from the active THC.
4:1 – Our 4:1 formula has four times the amount of CBD as THC. Due to the higher amount of industrial hemp CBD over THC, the noticeable effects of the cannabis will be lessened.
20:1 – This has the highest amount of CBD to THC at twenty parts of CBD to THC. This concoction is not meant to get you "high". It is truly meant to diminish anxiety, inflammation and PTSD.

Chips & Popcorn

Yummi Karma offers a full line of savory infused edibles and is getting a lot of buzz! Our award-winning chips and popcorn are a delicious way to enjoy cannabis discreetly.

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