Cannabis Tinctures

Medicate Discreetly


How do I use your tincture?
There are several ways you can use Yummi Karma tincture. Many people enjoy it straight from the dropper. You can swallow it immediately, or place it under your tongue and wait a minute or so before swallowing. This is called the sublingual method, and allows the effects to kick in quicker. Another popular option is to add tincture to your favorite drink. The glycerin-base makes it sweet, so it especially works well in hot or iced-tea.

How much should I take?
We recommend beginning with a full dropper, which contains 1 milliliter of tincture. Each bottle has approximately 30 milliliters of tincture, so if you medicate once daily, it should last you about a month.

If you would prefer heightened effects, simply up your dose by a half dropper at a time. Most people find tincture’s effects kick in more rapidly than traditional edibles, in about 30-45 minutes, but make sure you wait at least 90 minutes before upping your dose.

Which tincture is right for me?
Each Yummi Karma tincture is designed for a specific purpose with differing levels of THC, CBD, or a combination of both. We then add more herbs that complement and enhance the effects. Use the tabs below to explore our tinctures and common uses for them. Please note that each of our CBD tinctures have similar effects as each other. Many people find the ratio that works best for them and their symptoms. The higher the ratio, the more parts of CBD are included than THC.


This daytime pick-me-up with natural caffeine from green tea and other extracts will relieve you of aches will give you that much needed pep in your step!

Ingredients - MCT Oil, Green Tea Extract, Vitamin B-12, Guarana Extract, Maca Root Extract, Stevia Extract, Cannabis

Mood Magic

This is for you know, that time of the month. A tincture that combines cannabis with herbs in order to promote uterine health, mood elevation, and all the symptoms that comes from Aunt Flo. 

Ingredients - MCT Oil, Eleuthero Extract, Dandelion Root Extract, Raspberry Leaf Extract, Maca Root Extract, Damiana Extract, Cannabis

Drift away

Can't sleep? Now you canna! Our sleep aid has a relaxing and calming effect that will relieve tension from sore muscles with cannabis, melatonin and other natural herbs. 

Ingredients – MCT Oil, Magnesium, Melatonin, Lavender Extract, Chamomile, Cannabis

Love Potion #420

A tincture that will put a spell on you! By utilizing natural aphrodisiacs and cannabis, Love Potion #420 promotes anti-anxiety and relaxation to help you get in the mood. 

Ingredients - MCT Oil, Guarana Extract, Ginseng Extract, Maca Root Extract, Turmeric Extract, Damiana Extract, Cannabis

One to One

The 1:1 tincture contains equal parts cannabis and industrial hemp CBD. Both properties aid in pain relief as well as naturally containing anti-inflammatory, calming and healing agents. Caution, you will absolutely feel the effects from the active THC. 

Ingredients - MCT Oil, Industrial Hemp CBD, Cannabis

Four to One

Our 4:1 formula has four times the amount of CBD as THC. Due to the higher amount of industrial hemp CBD over THC, the noticeable effects of the cannabis will be lessened.

Ingredients - MCT Oil, Industrial Hemp CBD, Cannabis

Twenty to One

This has the highest amount of CBD to THC at twenty parts of CBD to THC. This concoction is not meant to get you "high". It is truly meant to diminish anxiety, inflammation and PTSD.

Ingredients – MCT Oil, Industrial Hemp CBD, Cannabis