About Yummi Karma

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About Yummi Karma

Yummi Karma introduced its first edible to California consumers in 2014. Since then, it has expanded to include savory snacks, a full line of tinctures, and the first mainstream infused beauty line, High Gorgeous. 

Based on the mission of developing high quality, consistent products that fit into women’s lifestyles, the creators of Yummi Karma continue to be on the cutting edge of the cannabis market.

The all-women team want to normalize cannabis products. They believe edibles should taste great and be effective. They believe topicals should smell and feel like something you would find in a popular beauty store, complete with innovative packaging. 

Yummi Karma is proud to be among the leading women shaping the future of the cannabis industry.


Krystal kitahara, Chief executive officer

Krystal is the dynamic visionary behind Yummi Karma, and comes from a long line of distinguished entrepreneurs. From an early age she knew she was destined to follow suit. Prior to finishing college, she endeavored in several small businesses, including an organic juice stand that was a hit on campus. Shortly after graduating, she dabbled in the corporate media world as an Account Executive for a prominent media station.   Combining her love of business with her love of cannabis, Krystal has been successful in setting up not only a brand, but also a lifestyle for women in the cannabis market. Taking the industry by storm, this “potrepreneur” has even caught the eye of outlets such as High Times, Forbes, and the Economist, and was even named in the 40 Under 40 by Marijuana Venture Magazine. This young woman who loves to live colorfully and embodies all things feminine, has been successful in creating an unstoppable brand run for, and by women. To contact Krystal directly, please email: Krystal@YummiKarma.com.

Chelsea kitahara, Chief Operating Officer

Chelsea is part of a new generation of cannabis entrepreneurs. She went to the University of Oregon specifically to prepare for a career in cannabis. There, she held internships and even studied abroad in Italy to hone her skills in marketing and social media.   Chelsea has a strong connection to family, and has worked for several family businesses since she was a teenager. Staying true to her roots, she joined her sister, Krystal, to help grow and run the daily operations of Yummi Karma. To contact Chelsea directly, please email: Chelsea@YummiKarma.com.

Alysia Sofios, Chief Communications Officer

Alysia is an award-winning TV news reporter and author. She has been featured on CNN, Fox News, Dr. Phil, 20/20, and in various national publications. Alysia brings her media relations skills to Yummi Karma to help with branding and product awareness. An avid public speaker, she is the team’s resident spokeswoman.   Alysia loves the challenge of raising awareness about cannabis issues, and bringing a new face to the movement. She graduated from Michigan State University in journalism, and is the biggest sports fan in the YK office. To contact Alysia directly, please email: Alysia@YummiKarma.com.

Kymber Ward, CHIEF Marketing OFFICER

Kymber is a fashionable addition to the Yummi Karma team. With a solid background in the fashion industry, and in cannabis marketing, she knows how to add style to any product. Brains and beauty, Kymber is a Cum Laude graduate of FIDM and has worked with some of the biggest names in the business on a global scale. Already making a mark on the cannabis scene, Kymber is the force behind some of the most buzzed-about parties and awards shows in the industry. She has a flare for event planning and is always busy paving the way for the next big thing in cannabis. To contact Kymber directly, please email: Kymber@YummiKarma.com